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Tech Stocks Lifted by Apple's Results

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Apple's latest results pushed global technology shares higher Wednesday, fueling expectations that the Dow could rise above the 22000 mark for the first time when the U.S. market opens later in the day.

U.S. Plans Trade Measures Against China

The Trump administration is planning trade measures to force Beijing to crack down on intellectual-property theft and ease requirements that American companies share advanced technologies to gain entry to the Chinese market.

Stock Indexes Push Back Against Dual-Class Listings

Companies with multiple share-class structures, such as Snap Inc., won't be allowed to join the S&P 500, according to new rules outlined by the operator of the most widely followed market benchmark.

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BOJ's Funo Wants Private Sector to Do Its Share of Structural Reform

Bank of Japan policy board member Yukitoshi Funo said Wednesday the private sector should take a more active role in boosting the nation's growth potential, taking advantage of supportive conditions under the central bank's easing policy.

EPA Official Signals Willingness to Negotiate on Car-Emission Rules

Auto makers selling electric cars and putting vehicles in ride-sharing fleets could receive significant credits toward meeting stringent U.S. emissions standards, proposals that would revise current regulations that were locked in under the Obama administration, an Environmental Protection Agency official said.

Banking Regulator to Take First Step Toward Changing Volcker Rule

The national bank regulator is taking a first step toward changing the Volcker rule trading ban, as regulators continue behind-the-scenes discussions about revamping the much-criticized regulation.

Indexers Push Back Against Wall Street

Give a small cheer to the index nerds at S&P. Their decision to ban companies that have different classes of stock is a rare instance of Wall Street protecting investors.

Mexican Growth Seen More Dependent on Domestic Issues

Economists surveyed by the Bank of Mexico kept their expectations for economic growth this year at 2%, but put domestic matters such as politics and public security atop the list of things that could stymie the economy.

Oil Futures Flash a Buy Signal

Patience is paying off for investors who stuck with bullish oil bets this year. Near-term oil prices are close to rising above longer term prices-a long anticipated shift that signals the global glut in crude may be easing.

Oil Prices Fall as OPEC Doubts Emerge

Oil prices fell from a two-month high as investors once again began to doubt OPEC's ability to curtail production and make a dent in the global supply glut.

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