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Bank of Japan Pushes Back Inflation Target Time Frame

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Japan's central bank pushed back its forecast for reaching 2% inflation for a sixth time under the leadership of Haruhiko Kuroda, further highlighting Japan's struggle to achieve stable price growth.

China Seeing Most Balanced Cross-Border Capital Flows in 3 Years

China is seeing the most balanced cross-border capital flows in three years thanks to stabilized yuan-rate expectations, the country's foreign exchange regulator said Thursday.

American Express Profit Falls

American Express Co. said Wednesday its second-quarter earnings fell 33% from last year amid heavy competition from large banks and the loss of its 16-year exclusive relationship with Costco Wholesale Corp.

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House Lawmakers Put Definition of 'Systemically Important' in Play

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers is seeking to change the way the government designates banks as being "systemically important," a label that triggers tougher oversight.

Fed Faces Inflation Riddle

The Fed is likely to stand pat on policy when it concludes a policy meeting next week, but it faces a debate about the future path of interest-rate increases because of a deepening puzzle over inflation.

'Fiduciary' Rule Accelerates Account Shift Across Brokerage Industry

A new retirement-savings rule that began to take effect last month is already having an impact on the brokerage industry.

GOP Lawmakers Aim to Kill CFPB's Arbitration Rule by Mid-August

Congressional Republicans by mid-August hope to overturn a rule put in place by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that could make it easier for consumers to band together and sue banks to resolve disputes.

Don't Mind Jamie Dimon, Some Bankers Like What's Happening in Washington

U.S. Bancorp, the largest regional bank in the country, is bullish on the regulatory outlook for banks.

Banking Regulator Supports National Licenses for Financial-Technology Firms

The Trump administration supports giving national banking licenses to firms in the emerging financial-technology industry, the acting comptroller of the currency says.

Banks' Earnings Highlight Diverging Paths Since Crisis

Morgan Stanley, leaning on wealth management, posts stronger-than-expected results as Goldman Sachs stumbles on trading.

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