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Uber fired Levandowski, its top driverless-car executive, in a bid to extract itself from a spiraling legal battle with Alphabet.

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Steven Cohen plans to return to the hedge-fund industry as early as next year with the goal of amassing $20 billion.

The Fed is set to raise rates at its June meeting but could defer an expected September move if there are debt-ceiling frictions.

Americans ramped up spending in April at the fastest pace in four months, fresh evidence that the U.S. economy is rebounding.

A group of pension funds, unhappy over Mylan's high executive pay, are taking aim at six board members.

Two ex-Theranos directors said they didn't follow up on allegations that the firm was relying on standard technology for most tests.

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Venezuelan bonds rose after Goldman bought $2.8 billion of debt issued by state-owned oil firm PdVSA.

The Supreme Court reaffirmed that patent holders can't keep their rights over a product once they sell it.

U.S. stocks edged lower on declines in banks and oil firms. The Dow fell 50.81 points to 21029.47.

Exelon said it would close the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in 2019 unless it receives government aid.

Daimler said it is boosting use of parts from U.S.-based suppliers, a sign of administration pressure on car firms.

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May 31, 2017 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)