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Japan's Economy Extends Growth Sequence

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Japan's economy picks up speed in the first three months of 2017, lengthening its most recent stretch of growth under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to five quarters, the longest expansion since 2006.

Stocks, Dollar Sink on Washington Turmoil

Investors' burgeoning anxiety about the future of President Donald Trump's legislative agenda jarred financial markets on Wednesday, upending months of relative tranquility and steady gains.

How Far Can the Trump Selloff Go?

The stock market has been banking on President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress delivering on tax overhaul and deregulation. What happens if trouble at the White House sends those hopes crashing?

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How the Dollar Rally Unraveled

The U.S. dollar is set to erase the postelection rally that sent the currency to its highest level since 2002, one of the clearest signs that investors have lost faith in the so-called Trump trade. Here's a look at the evolution of the dollar's reversal.

Fed's Kashkari: Boosting Bank Capital Key to Combating Bubbles

Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari said taking steps to make the financial sector more resilient is perhaps the best way to deal with the ever present and hard-to-detect threat of asset price bubbles.

New Threats Fuel Fears of Another Global Cyberattack

Days after WannaCry ransomware swept the globe, a new computer attack hit thousands of machines world-wide and a hacking group said it would release a fresh trove of stolen attack software.

Investor Group, Pension Funds Oppose Financial Choice Act

A group of institutional investors is calling on the House of Representatives to oppose the Financial Choice Act saying it will undercut shareholder rights.

Wall Street Regulator Says Giving Brokers Report Cards Leads to Drop in Fraud Patterns

Wall Street is cracking down on a common, manipulative trading technique after its self-regulatory organization began grading brokers on how much bad behavior flows through their systems.

FCC's Internet-Rules Revamp Likely to Bring Big Changes Online

U.S. regulators are set to move forward Thursday with a plan that would blow up the rules that have governed the internet in recent years and essentially start anew, opening the door to fundamental shifts in consumers' online experiences.

CFTC Rolling Out a Fintech Innovation Office

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission will launch a fintech innovation office to provide feedback and regulatory guidance to firms in the rapidly growing sector as they work on new business models and services.

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May 17, 2017 21:15 ET (01:15 GMT)