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Apple's Cash Hoard Set to Top $250 Billion

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Apple likely will report Tuesday that its cash hoard has topped a quarter of a trillion dollars-an unrivalled milestone that could ratchet up pressure on the tech giant to make splashier acquisitions or dole out more money to shareholders.

Big-Name Food Brands Lose Battle of the Grocery Aisle

America's packaged-food giants are losing the battle for retailers' shelf space, complicating their efforts to break out of a yearslong slump.

Detroit Auto Makers Are Upbeat as Sales Volumes Stall

U.S. car sales may be slowing, but the profit engines of Detroit's Big Three auto makers are still in high gear.

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Apple Has More Room to Grow

Apple's shares are expected to continue rallying ahead of the release of the highly anticipated new iPhone later this year.

As Retailers Race to Close Stores, a Web Startup Is Opening Them

While many retailers are scrambling to close storefronts, one internet upstart is opening them-but for just a few months at a time.

Brazil Former Billionaire Eike Batista Released to House Arrest Ahead of Trial

Brazilian businessman Eike Batista was released from prison early Sunday to house arrest, where he will continue to be monitored while he awaits trial on charges of corruption and money laundering.

Target ro Open on the Lower East Side

Target Corp. has signed a lease to open a 22,500 square-foot store at the 1.9 million-square-foot development stretching across several Manhattan blocks called Essex Crossing.

Drug Makers Take Page From Hollywood to Spread the Risk

Private-equity firms and other investors are funding late-stage clinical trials, shouldering the risk for pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer in exchange for a share of the upside if a drug succeeds.

Exxon, Chevron Earnings Point to Industry Recovery

The world's biggest oil companies are seeing their highest profits in more than a year, an early signal that they may be turning a corner on their long path to recovery.

WPP's Martin Sorrell Faces Another Pay Cut

WPP's chief executive and founder, Martin Sorrell, is set for another large pay cut after the ad firm said it would aim to appease shareholders' anger by capping his annual compensation.

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April 30, 2017 21:15 ET (01:15 GMT)