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France's Two-Round Electoral System Spells Period of Volatility for Markets

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For investors, France's two-round electoral system lets them shift bets, reassess polls and scout for bargains. Investors are particularly unsure about who will face off in the second round, promising a flurry of action after this Sunday's vote.

Markets Rise on Hopes of Trump Tax Cuts, but Europe in Doldrums

Stocks mostly inched higher Friday amid hopes for changes in U.S. tax policy, but European shares lagged behind on the final trading day before France's contentious presidential elections.

WSJ's Daily Shot: Is Mid-America Waiting for Economic Boom That Never Comes?

G20 Finance Leaders Don't Dwell on Germany's Trade Surpluses

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Group of 20 finance officials didn't dwell on Germany's large current-account surpluses at their meeting in the U.S. capital on Thursday.

BOE Would Offer Considerable Stimulus Even if U.K. Rates Rise

The Bank of England would still be providing "considerable" stimulus to the U.K. economy if it were to raise its key interest rate from a record low, a member of its Monetary Policy Committee.

In China, U.S. Steel Move Is Seen as Self-Destructive

As the White House threatened new U.S. barriers to steel imports, officials and experts from the world's biggest steel-exporting nation, China, said the real loser might be America itself.

China Regulator Seeks Clarity on 'Guarantee Chains'

The China Banking Regulatory Commission has asked banks to investigate the relationships between borrowers and guarantors and make clear who is responsible in case of a default.

Markets Send a Worrying Message About the Economy

Markets are flashing red on growth as investors begin to return to pre-election bets on the "new normal"-a persistently weak economic expansion.

White House Banks On Sweeping Tax Plan

White House officials said Thursday they are developing a sweeping plan to overhaul both corporate and individual taxes, dismissing concerns that a more modest proposal might be more viable in today's political climate.

France Fires Up Eurozone Economy Ahead of Presidential Poll

A gauge of activity in the eurozone's manufacturing and services sectors rose to a six-year high in April, aided by a pickup in France ahead of presidential elections scheduled to start Sunday.

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