One Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked, Company Breaks Own Record

By Eric Lieberman Features The Daily Caller

One billion Yahoo user accounts were hacked two years ago,marking yet another unfortunate milestone for the techcorporation.

“We believe an unauthorized third party, in August 2013, stoledata associated with more than one billion user accounts,” Chiefinformation Security Officer Bob Lord announced Tuesday. “Webelieve this incident is likely distinct from the incident wedisclosed on September 22, 2016.”

The other incident reportedly affected roughly 500 million user accounts, which is believedto be the record until the latest cyber intrusion.

The company is not sure who is behind the massive theft, butsays that infiltrated accounts could have had their names,email addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, “hashedpasswords” stolen.

Personal answers to security questions could have also beentaken even if it was encrypted.

Lord claims the stolen data did not include bank accountinformation.

CEO Marissa Mayer’s tenure at the helm has been littered withcontroversy and blunders. (RELATED: Yahoo Cybersecurity Team Labeled‘Paranoids’ Often Clashed With CEO Mayer)

A former media executive is suing Mayer for allegedly purging the tech company of male employees. TheCEO is being accused of systematically favoring female employees,but the company vehemently denies these accusations.(RELATED: Yahoo Disables Email ForwardingFeature, Making It Harder For You To Move On)

The company also didn’t fully understand why it was scanning users’emails for the government for some time, so it sent a letter toDirector of National Intelligence James Clapper. (RELATED: Marissa Mayer Got $365 MillionContract To Lose Yahoo Billions Of Dollars)

In fact, the company has been affected by an abundance of obstacles and missteps overthe past year.

“Stroz Friedberg & Mandiant by FireEye are the forensicexperts assisting us with the investigations,” a Yahoospokesperson told The Daily Caller News Foundation(TheDCNF).

Yahoo referred TheDCNF to the statement Mayer made on the Q32016 (10/25) earnings. “To that end, we take deep responsibility inprotecting our users and the security of their information. We’reworking hard to retain their trust and are heartened by theircontinued loyalty as seen in our user engagement trends,” the CEOstated at the time.

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