Google Play Gets Family Share Plan

By Don Reisinger Features PCmag

Google this week addressed a big Google Play complaint.

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As noted by CNET, Google Play Family Library will let up to six people share a single account, allowing them to share content across devices.

Apple has offered a family share plan for its App Store since 2014. And while Google introduced a family option for Google Play Music in December, it has been slow to do the same with the Play store.

According to a posting on Google's help page, users can simply subscribe to Google Play as a family and authorize up to six users to access the same account. From there, any of those family members can download content already purchased or downloaded to other devices free of charge.

A single family manager will be able to determine who can access content. That person can hide certain things from kids or allow them to access anything and everything. In addition, the manager will need to input a credit card and is technically responsible for any purchases made through the account.

The Google Play Family Library is available for free and works across the store's content, including apps, movies, and more.

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