Could High-End Amenities Make Your Home Harder to Sell?

By Vera Gibbons Home Mortgage Zillow


When it comes to luxurious living, location is the crown jewel of home ownership. But which high-end amenities offer a return on investment — and should therefore be considered — and which don’t?

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Strong curb appeal

Everyone wants a nicely manicured lawn and attractive landscaping, but going overboard with extras such as complex water features, animal-shaped hedges or a jungle-themed entryway is not universally appealing, and could be detrimental to your home’s value.

Master bedroom with a walk-in closet

Most people spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so these spaces need to be extra special. A serene retreat — complete with large, fully functioning boutique-style walk-in closets — represents the ideal for many homeowners.

Spa-like bathroom

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Spacious bathrooms that offer serenity and solitude — with soaking tubs, steam showers and heated floors — are highly desirable. But installing a hot tub that comfortably seats six is going overboard.

High-end audio-video systems

Deluxe home theater and stereo equipment doesn’t have lasting value, because this technology becomes outdated so quickly. Unless you’re installing a home theater for your own long-term enjoyment, think in simplistic terms. Typically, if the residence is wired for custom audio-video, then you’re all set.

In-ground swimming pool

While an in-ground swimming pool is expected in some parts of the country, like Arizona and Florida, a pool in more seasonal climates often doesn’t add much value to your home and could even decrease its value.

Why? Pools are a high-maintenance, costly feature that many consider dangerous, especially families with young children. And adding water slides, waterfalls, virtual amusement parks and other backyard elaborations is a financial no-no.

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