Resolutions, 'Evolutions' and Promises to Keep

By Eve Gumpel Features

As 2010 draws to a close, what are your goals for the New Year? We asked our columnists about their resolutions for 2011, and their responses ranged from completing a first book and creating more personal time to supporting sustainability and healthy living.

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Here, in their own words, are what our experts plan to accomplish in the coming year:

Name: Mary Cantando
Column: The Woman's Advantage 
Business:Cantando & Associates LLCThe Woman's Advantage Products 

"This year I'm going to focus on my time and my health."

Time: "I'm going to dedicate my time to two things this year: expanding my national and international speaking engagements, and expanding the reach of my Woman's Advantage product line."

Health: "I'm going to ramp up my Pilates classes from twice a week to three times a week. And I'm going to take a one-hour walk every day that I don't do Pilates. I'll continue to eat healthy, with even more of a focus on local, natural foods."

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Name: Kristi Hedges
Column: The Leadership Factor 
Business: The Hedges Company 

  1. "To complete my book and make it a work I'm proud of. In 2010 my resolution was to land a publishing contract, and I was so fortunate to successfully navigate this process. Next year will be all about creating an end product that has a positive impact on others.
  2. "To use the book to introduce my business to more and different audiences. In 2011, I resolve to put some marketing muscle to work.
  3. "To continue to gravitate toward work that has personal meaning to me. Sometimes you have to say no to work to have the bandwidth for what you want to say yes to. When I take on too much, I don't enjoy anything.
  4. "To try one new activity I've never done before. Last year it was practicing the art of one-minute meditation. (The only way I could figure out how to do it!) This year it might be hot yoga or learning to play the piano; who knows?
  5. "To play with my kids every day. Even if it's a 10-minute game of hide and seek before bedtime, I want to be present and playful with my kids each day."

Name: Chia-Li Chien 
Column:Financial Independence
Business: Chien Associates

"In 2010, I spent a lot of time realigning my business model as well as pilot-testing new products and services. My resolution this year is all about rolling out my re-packaged products/services to increase new revenue sources for the company and help us diversify and be more sustainable."

Name: Lynn Parker
Column:Branding for Real
Business: Parker LePla

"To appreciate people more, rather than trying to make them appreciate me!"

Name: Lisa Druxman
Column:Mom Entrepreneur
Business: Stroller Strides

"In 2010, we successfully launched a new program called Body Back, created a new website (which has yet to launch) and got most of the pieces in place for our new online education platform. Our resolution for 2011 is to launch the projects that never got done in 2010. We are ready to bring on additional resources so that we can turn our small mom-and-pop business into a bigger business opportunity."

Name: Nina Kaufman
Column:Business Law Advisor Blog:Making It Legal
Business: Ask the Business Lawyer

"2010 was a year of identifying what wasn't working, getting rid of things I no longer needed (like 12 years of closed client files) and cleaning up databases to purge defunct contacts. It was painstaking and tedious, but I'm lighter for it (literally, too -- I lost 20 pounds).

"2011 will continue the examination of 'what can I stop doing?' and begin to put stronger business foundation/accountability practices in place so that I have the option to sell my company in five to 10 years."

Name: Lena West
Blog:Seriously Social
Business: xynoMedia

"I make 'evolutions,' not resolutions. For 2011, I'm centering my energy around creating freedom in my life and working with my ideal clients.

"I'll be developing and implementing systems that will give me more freedom to spend my time on pursuits other than my business. At the end of the day, what matters is making a measurable amount of progress in a reasonable amount of time and spending time with loved ones, doing only those things about which I am absolutely passionate.

"I'm also going to make sure I only work with my ideal clients. The clients who get the best results from working with me are successful, dynamic, results-driven, focused, glass-half-full (yet time-strapped) women business owners who are willing to invest their hard-earned money to work with the top experts in their fields. I'm going to be bringing a lot more of this type of entrepreneur into my orbit this coming year."

Name: K.B. Keilbach
Column:The Triple Bottom Line
Business:K.B. Keilbach

"This year I intend to put my money where my mouth is and, whenever possible, give more of my business to entrepreneurs who are demonstrating sustainable practices, both in the products they produce and in the way they produce them. All things being equal, I'd rather spend my money on quality goods and services that support a triple bottom line (people, planet and profits)."

Name: Kim Lysik Di Santi
Column:The Mother Lode
Business: Total Strategy

"I am balancing an 11-year-old business with an almost 6-year-old son who started kindergarten in September. Last year, my focus was on reducing Zachary's outside care schedule and spending more time with him before kindergarten. I balanced that reasonably well with business opportunities and my board position with the National Association of Women Business Owners, Greater DC Chapter.

"Now that Zachary is in kindergarten, I've less time for work. So here is what I resolve for 2011:

  1. "On Monday, Fairfax County schools have early release at 1:30. I plan to have Zachary participate in an afterschool option that day, allowing me to re-focus about five hours a week back into my business.
  2. "Look at ways to step up my game in my business by asking experts for advice. I'll begin with Mike Clarke, president of local Access National Bank. I'll extend the list to include three more high-profile people during the year.
  3. "Reassess what I can be delegating to my PR person, my virtual assistant or someone else. Challenge myself to more often say quietly to myself, 'I'm stepping out of this one,' and to say less often, 'I'll take care of it.' As my mother said to me recently, 'People will let you do it for as long as you offer to.' "

Name: Cynthia McKay
Column:Building a Million-Dollar Business
Business: McKay Group LLC

"My 2011 resolution is to pursue my business ideas without much hesitation. This past year I had three great ideas, then hesitated due to financial concerns around the world. Those ideas were eventually formulated and distributed by other companies with great success. I will follow my instincts in the upcoming year!"

Name: Sandy Jones-Kaminski
Column:Networking is Connecting 
Business: Bella Domain 

"My one and only resolution will be to set a few goals at the beginning of each month. At the end of every month I will recognize the things I accomplished. I'll carry forward any unfinished goals into the next month -- or just move on to something else.

"My January goals (as opposed to resolutions):

  1. "Write a blog post for my Bella Domain site every other week.
  2. "Scan my contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter at least once a week to see who needs help with what and try to help those I can.
  3. "Co-host another Pay-It-Forward Party.
  4. "Start promoting my '12 Rules of Effective Networking' workshops and seminars nationally.

"Happy New Year!"

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