The Fed

Trump's Fed leaders may include both John Taylor and Jerome Powell

President Donald Trump may give the Federal Reserve a double dose of top talent by nominating two top contenders, Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell and Stanford University economist John Taylor, as candidates for either Fed chairman and vice chairman, but it is still unclear which role either would get, FOX Business has learned.

John Taylor impresses Trump team for Fed chair

As Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen meets with President Donald Trump Thursday to determine if she will remain at the helm of the central bank, Fed candidate and Stanford economist John Taylor is garnering fresh attention as he’s become a preference for conservative lawmakers on Capitol Hill and some White House officials.

U.S. economy hums along, still few signs of pickup in inflation

The U.S. economy expanded at a modest to moderate pace in September through early October despite the impact of hurricanes on some regions, the Federal Reserve said in its latest snapshot of the U.S. economy released on Wednesday, but there were still few signs of an acceleration in inflation.

White House steps up review of Federal Reserve chairman candidates

President Donald Trump’s administration is continuing to turn their attention to making a decision on who will be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, including Vice President Mike Pence, who met with three free market economists at the White House on Wednesday to discuss the candidates that could replace Janet Yellen.

European stocks get boost from rising dollar

Asian stock markets turned mostly lower on Wednesday as investors awaited the outlines of U.S. tax overhaul plans by President Donald Trump while news headlines on geopolitical tensions surrounding North Korea have quieted.