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Newsmax May Tap Trump to Disrupt $85B AT&T-Time Warner Deal

A media outfit with ties to President-elect Donald Trump is making plans to disrupt the planned merger between AT&T (NYSE:T) and Time Warner (NYSE:TWX), charging that the combination will create a monopoly that could silence conservative commentary on the airwaves, the FOX Business Network has learned.

Should Women Be Allowed on the Front Lines?

During a press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said “If I were a World War II veteran who was drafted by the United States military to go and fight for our country overseas in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, I might feel quite embittered.”

Companies Rush to Tap Iranian Market

Royal Dutch Shell announced Wednesday it signed a provisional agreement with Iran to explore energy projects in the region, despite political uncertainties regarding Tehran's relationship with the incoming Trump administration.

Don't bet big on health law changes when mulling coverage

Why worry about buying health insurance when President-elect Donald Trump plans to dump the requirement that most Americans get coverage? For the same reason you should always worry about health insurance: Little health problems can easily turn into big bills without it.

Trump interjects himself in Air Force One, business deals

President-elect Donald Trump, a political newcomer who touts his corporate skills, turned businessman-in-chief Tuesday, first demanding the government cancel a multibillion-dollar order for new presidential planes and then hailing a Japanese company's commitment to invest billions in the U.S.