Favor equities over cash, fixed income

Hank Smith, Haverford chief investment officer, and FBN's Charlie Gasparino discuss the odds of the UK leaving the EU, stock picks in this market environment, and the Viacom controversy.

Best Buy Forecasts Profit Miss, CFO to Step Down

Best Buy forecast current-quarter profit below analysts' estimates, partly due to a disruption in supply of some high-margin products after an earthquake in Japan, and the company said its chief financial officer was stepping down.

What's next for Bayer and Monsanto

FBN's Charlie Gasparino discusses the motivation behind the proposed deal between Bayer and Monsanto, and why it could ratchet up even more discussion around the use of GMOs.

The battle for Viacom

FBNs Charlie Gasparino explains why Viacom's CEO Philippe Dauman and board member George Abrams are filing a lawsuit to block changes to Summer Redstone's trust.

Invest in these areas as economy recovers

David Dietze of Point View Wealth Management, and Jared Levy of Profitable Trading discuss lingering worries about the U.S. economy, where to invest in the market now, and the reported Bayer, Monsanto deal.