Emerging Markets

Brazil Markets Slide as Impeachment Vote Annulled

Brazil's currency weakened as much as 5 percent and stocks tumbled on Monday after the acting Lower House Speaker annulled an impeachment vote, a move seen as decreasing the likelihood of a more market-friendly government taking power.

Oil Plunge Raises Fears of Societal Unrest

Analysts at places like RBC Capital Markets have been warning that chronically low oil prices plunging towards seven-year lows means increasing social chaos in countries on the edge—including those battling ISIS.

'Fed Fatigue' Has Set In

Markets are taking a pause from basing every move on the latest rhetoric out of the Fed regarding the timing of the first interest rate hike in nearly a decade.

Beijing Makes Emergency Move to Relieve Markets

Chinese stocks rose on Monday, as an unprecedented series of support measures unleashed by Beijing brought some relief to a market whose headlong slide over the past three weeks had raised fears about the stability of the world's second-biggest economy.

Puerto Rico Governor Says Island Can't Pay its Public Debt

The governor warned that Puerto Rico can't pay its $72 billion public debt on the eve of a private Monday meeting with legislators, delivering another jolt to the recession-gripped U.S. island as well as a world financial system already worrying over Greece's collapsing finances.