Credit Cards

Dave Says Set Financial Priorities

If you have things in your life that are pulling at you financially at some point you may have to ask the hard question, “What is more important to me: horses and boats or home ownership?”

Anti-Hack Chip Cards Still AWOL At Major Retailers

Remember the big hue and cry in Congress and in the retail industry for new computer chip credit cards to ward off hackers? While industry studies estimate three in five consumers now have them, major retailers still haven't upgraded to accept them.

Headed to Cuba? Bring Cash

Plans for traveling to the unique country, including how to pay for items while in Cuba, must be ironed out ahead of time. In short, if you are traveling to Cuba, bring cash -- and preferably not U.S. dollars.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren & Rep. Steve Cohen: It’s Time to Stop Employer Credit Checks

Bad credit can happen for a lot of reasons, but today many people have bad credit through no fault of their own. Illness, job loss, divorce or the death of a loved one can plunge a family into unexpected hard times. In difficult circumstances like these, a drop in income or taking on more debt can badly damage a credit report—even for a person who continues to make every payment on time.