The Labor Union Double Standard

Yes, unions sure are good at goading others to strike for higher wages... but when it comes to saving their own union hineys, they're perfectly happy not saving ALL union hineys.

Has the GOP Lost Its Budget Soul?

In case you're not following this budget drama on the hill, the Grand Old Party has folded like a cheap suit. It seems right now they are no more interested in cutting spending, than I am in cutting carbohydrates.

The Bad Apple Watch Rollout

Let's just say it's confusing. And the more I see these Hollywood and music-mogul types donning these damn things on their wrists, the more I want to get my hands wrapped around their throats.

Will Uncle Sam Kill the Comcast-TWC Merger?

If this wedding is called off, it will rob us all of the chance to see whether two companies known for their horrible customer service could have made a go of it as one big company known for its horrible service.

Why Should Indiana Listen to Tim Cook?

Regardless of what you think of this Indiana law, whether a measure aimed at protecting folks' religious freedoms really is anti-gay, is it a slippery slope for a CEO of any company to lecture a state on such matters?