Kellyanne Conway on Tax Reform: We Don’t Rush Things Based on Artificial Timelines

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Kellyanne Conway on tax reform this year: We believe Trump can

Kellyanne Conway on President Trump's meeting with CEOs, tax reform and improving America's infrastructure.

White House counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, is optimistic that tax reform will happen this year but says the administration isn’t racing to beat “artificial timelines.”

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“This is a very big piece of his domestic legislative agenda, very big piece of his campaign promises and I know that job creators…and middle class taxpayers across this country both will have relief after the tax plan is passed. But you’ve heard from the experts in this arena…and they’ve made very clear that this will not be rushed,” she told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

She added that the administration would like to compromise with Democrats on health reform and tax policy and pointed to a previous president’s success in doing so as an example.

“President George W. Bush had 10 to 12 Democratic senators supporting him and a Democratically-controlled Senate for that matter in June of 2001 when he was able to pass his tax package.”

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