Fmr. Obama Economic Advisor on Trump's Growth Plan: I'm Just Not Holding My Breath

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What is a realistic expectation of economic growth under Trump policies?

Former Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Jason Furman on President Trump's economic agenda, Obamacare and entitlements.

Jason Furman, former Council of Economic Advisors chairman, said he is worried about President Trump’s growth strategy.

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“I think what we should do is the pattern that we’ve done every time we successfully cut the [deficit] on the bipartisan basis here,” Furman said to the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo. “We’ve done a combination of putting revenues on the table, putting entitlements on the table and doing them together and doing them on a bipartisan basis so each side can provide cover for the other.”

He added that Trump’s promises of big tax cuts, no cuts to entitlements and big defense increases are not part of “a sound economic strategy.

Even though he’s concerned, he hopes President Trump will make good on some of his promises.

“I’d love to see business tax reform, infrastructure investment, better trade deals—I’m just not holding my breath,” he said.

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