Carson: A Trump Loss in Wisconsin Ups Chances of Contested Convention

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Ben Carson on Wisconsin primary, Trump's abortion comments

Former GOP presidential candidate and Donald Trump supporter Dr. Ben Carson on what could happen if the GOP denies Donald Trump the Republican nomination.

Former GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said if Donald Trump loses the Wisconsin primary, the likelihood of the party holding a contested convention will “increase.”

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Carson, who has endorsed Trump, said he would be concerned if the frontrunner was denied the nomination by the Republican Party.

“I’m very concerned about that because I think Senator Cruz does not or has not demonstrated the ability to pull in people from the middle and from the left,” Carson told the FOX Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton during an interview on Risk & Reward Wednesday.

“If they get to a convention that is contested… and Donald Trump has a substantial lead in delegates and ends up not getting the nomination, I think it’s foolish to believe that the millions of people that he’s brought into the process are going to stay with him. And it’s basically going to turn over the election over to the Democrats… which will have severe implications for the country.”

Dr. Carson also commented on Donald Trump’s recent controversial statements on abortion.

“I’ve witnessed many women who’ve had abortions or about to have abortions,” he said. “They’re already being punished—they’re in an emotional state that is very undesirable. We as a society really need to be thinking about how we support them and how do we provide them with the appropriate types of alternatives. This is really where the concentration needs to be.”

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