Sununu: Clinton Underestimated Sanders, Thought She’d Be Coronated

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Sununu: Entertainment part of the campaign beginning to dwindle away

Former Gov. John Sununu, (R-NH), on what to expect from the New Hampshire primary.

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu talked with FOX
Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo about the 2016 presidential race.

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Sununu was asked about how Trump’s style would be
received by New Hampshire voters.

“I don’t think it will play well with the traditional New Hampshire voters. The question is how many non-players, non-traditional voters is he [Trump] going to attract into the game and is he going to get them to the polls,” Sununu asked.  “I think voters are beginning to look for substance, positions on issues, capacity to perform, I think the entertainment part of the campaign is beginning to dwindle away.”

Sununu also addressed Jeb Bush’s shift in campaign style.

“Jeb’s problem at the beginning was that he was trying to be too polite, he’s taken the gloves off, he’s pounding back, he’s pointing out that Trump has a history of being a loser, that’s the phrase Jeb used again yesterday, and I think he’s going right after Trump.”

When asked if Trump would be able to offer substance, Sununu
responded, “No, come on, you’ve got to have something to offer.”

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He was also asked what his thoughts were on Bernie Sanders.

 “I think you’re right… Bernie’s giving her a really hard run, she’s underestimated the fact that she wasn’t going to be coronated, and I think what you’re seeing behind the scenes in the Democratic party is a lot of the big donors and a lot of the party big wigs trying to make sure that Joe Biden stays healthy, is prepared and is ready to come in if she really does collapse.”

Sununu also opined about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and upcoming

“I think if she comes out of March 1 not having virtually swept the results there, she is in serious, serious trouble.”