The Most Unnecessary, Ridiculous Ways the Government Spends Your Money

By Gabrielle Karol Politics FOXBusiness

Most unnecessary ways the government spent your money

FBN's Rich Edson on the 100 most unnecessary ways the government spent your money this year.

This year, taxpayer dollars went to massaging rabbits – seriously.

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That’s one of the standouts in this year’s Government Wastebook, a publication put out annually by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) documenting 100 of the most absurd ways the government is spending taxpayer dollars.

“For about 400 grand, the government massaged bunnies to find out what the effect was on tired muscles,” reports FBN’s Rich Edson.

Also, according to the Wastebook, the Department of Justice spent more than half a million dollars on a premium LinkedIn account to make itself more attractive to potential candidates – during a hiring freeze.

Other highlights included a $171,000 study on gambling monkeys, said Edson, and the government “spending more than $330,000 on a study determining that you stab a voodoo doll representing your spouse more often when you’re hangry, meaning hungry and angry.”

And if you misbehave on the job, it pays to be working for Uncle Sam. Edson reports that the government spent $50 million this year on paid leave – a third of which went to employees on disciplinary leave.

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