Herman Cain: Obama Has a Crisis of Crises

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Herman Cain: 2014 is critical and it will make a difference

Herman Cain weighs in on President Obama, the importance of the 2014 midterm elections and the economy.

President Obama's foreign policy approval rating has hit the lowest level of his presidency. In a short interview with Stuart Varney, ex-presidential candidate Herman Cain explained why he agrees with Brit Hume’s statement “this presidency is failing,” and why 2014 is critical in making a difference.  

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“I think [Brit Hume] is absolutely correct … because the American people can’t hold [Obama] accountable because of Harry Reid,” Cain said.

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, only 41% of Americans approve of President Obama’s overall job performance, 41% approve of his handling of the economy and 37% -- an all-time low -- approve of his handling of foreign policies.

Cain said he also thinks some of Obama’s policy will create more backlash in the future.

“ObamaCare is a crisis, but they are in denial. Even what the EPA is doing, in terms of trying to put the coal industry out of business, it’s going to create another crisis,” Cain said. “They have a crisis of crises.”

While it is only the midterms, Cain said the 2014 election season is critical and will make a difference for Republicans.

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“Before you can reverse a train, you must stop it. And before you can stop a train, you must slow it down,” Cain said.

And Cain doesn’t expect the economy to bounce forward anytime soon.

“This economy is not only going to continue to stall, but I think we are going to see more of what we saw in the first quarter of this year, and that is an economic contraction,” Cain said.  

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