Why I'm Bullish on Disney

By Gary Smith Energy FOXBusiness


  • 1. Market Momentum

    Market Momentum

    Whoops: last week I thought the sideways movement would last (and lead to a further decline).

    Instead, I got an egg to the face with a breakout that very next Monday! That swings the momentum back to the bulls and while a retreat is always a possibility, the path of least resistance is upward.

  • 2. Checking Oil Stocks

    Checking Oil Stocks

    Is it time to FINALLY like oil stocks? Hope so, as I recently bought some Exxon Mobil (XOM). ConocoPhillips (COP) is also worth looking at.

  • 3. Bullish on Disney

    I’m bullish on Walt Disney (DIS) (I also own it). Why? Its theme parks aren’t the entire business, but they’re indicative of the company’s momentum. Therefore a chart departure, with the pictures below showing wait times for midday Friday, Feb. 26. Keep in mind, school’s in session and this isn’t a holiday!

    Back next week to see if the wait time for “Seven Dwarfs” is anything less than an hour!

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