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Will Market Rout Create Buying Opportunities?

By Gary Smith The Chartman FOXBusiness


  • 1. Dow 15,000?

    Dow 15,000?

    Boy, Friday sure didn’t do us any favors, and it now appears the rout it on. Of course, “routs” often turn on a dime and become “buying opportunities.” This time, maybe not so much, so I’ll go out on a limb and forecast Dow 15,000 before we see any significant bounce.

  • 2. Alphabet (GOOG)

    Alphabet (GOOG)

    Is it time to start looking at the go-go stocks of 2015? We’re getting close, but not yet. Alphabet (GOOG), for example, still needs to drop a bit more.

  • 3. Utilities


    Need a place to hide? Take a look at utility stocks.

    Back next week to look for brighter skies.

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