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The Nasdaq is Slumping, So Buy In

By The Chartman FOXBusiness

Well, that certainly wasn’t a pleasant week.   It didn’t have a huge down day, but it did have the steady drip-drip of relentless selling.  In fact, every day on the Nasdaq had a lower close than open.  Ugh.  

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On the other hand, it still feels like a normal course correction, and I’ve been buying into it almost every day, waiting for the – inevitable??—upturn.

With the Nasdaq selling off, I thought I’d look at some mo-mo stocks to see how they’re faring.  The verdict: I think they’re primed to start rallying. 

First up is Tesla (TSLA).  A brutal March, but good for potential buyers.

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Facebook (FB) isn’t in quite the same shape, but should be ripe for picking soon.

Back next week to see if the market can muster any kind of bounce.


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