Super Bowl XLVI by the Numbers  
From the ads to the tickets, the Super Bowl is a consumer spending spree. Here’s a breakdown of some of the numbers and costs associated with the biggest Sunday in football.


1.) Average ticket price: $2,800 

Ticket resale site StubHub.com says the average Super Bowl ticket price is $2,800. At ticket resale site Ticket Exchange, the official ticket resale site of the NFL, the average ticket price weighs in at $3,600. The cheapest ticket listed on the exchange is an upper-deck ticket for $2,600, while the most expensive tickets cost around $17,000.


2.) Fans who prefer to watch the game at home: 59%

More than half of all game watchers say they’d rather watch the game on a “state of the art TV” than see it live, according to TechBargains.com. However, they still want to watch the Giants take on the Patriots in high definition; TechBargains.com’s survey shows 1 in 4 shoppers are considering purchasing a new TV before kickoff on Sunday. Out of those surveyed, 72% say the size of the TV directly impacts their enjoyment of watching the game. So when it comes to  what we watch football on, it seems bigger is better.



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3.) Buy your game-day experience at Costco: $2,999.99

The warehouse club chain is selling one Super Bowl ticket for $2,999.99, and for  $15,499.99, you will get two tickets, five days and four nights in a Comfort Suites Hotel, a pre-game party and transportation to and from the game in Indianapolis. The catch? You have to be a Costco member to purchase.


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4.)  Total Super Bowl spending in 2012: $11 billion

Consumer spending for Sunday’s game is expected to reach an all-time high this year at $11 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. The average game watcher will spend an estimated $63.87 on team merchandise, clothing and snacks--an increase from $59.33 last year. 


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5.) People Willing to Miss a Major Life Event for the Game: 1 in 5

Twenty percent of game-watching adults say they’d miss a wedding or a funeral to attend a Super Bowl game with their favorite team on the field, according to a gameday survey by Coupon Cabin. What may be even more shocking is that 15% of men reported they’d be willing to miss the birth of their child. Priorities, people!


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6.) Percentage of fans who have placed bets on Super Bowl games: 31%

Slightly more than one-third of people say they’ve bet on a Super Bowl previously, with a pretty big divide between men and women, according to a survey by Coupon Cabin. While 41% of men have bet on the game, only 21% of women have put money on the outcome. It seems women may have the right idea—only 7% of respondents said they’d won $500 or more, 92% say they’ve lost money when betting on the Super Bowl.

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7.) People planning to use smartphones while watching the game: 83%

The majority viewers say they’ll be checking their smartphones during the game, and nearly half (47%)  say they’ll be using their phones up to 10 times during the game to check out player bios and look up full-length versions of ads they enjoy, according to a study by Velti. For viewers under the age of 45, 30% say they’ll be watching with their device in hand.




8.)    Expected viewers: 173 million

The showdown between the Pats and the Giants on NBC is expected to draw two million more viewers than last year’s game, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2012 Super Bowl Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey. This year’s game is expected to draw the largest audience ever.





9.) Cost of a 30-second ad:  $3.5 million

For a 30-second commercial during the big game, the going rate is $3.5 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. The price is up from 2011’s average $3 million price tag, but is slightly less than the $4 million price tag previously paid for prime time slots last year.  



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10.) Money Spent on Snacks: $700M

The National Retail Federation expects the average person to spend $64 for this year’ game, with nearly $700 million being spent on game-day snacks. One of the more popular Super Bowl snacks is chicken wings, and more than 1.25 billion chicken wing portions will be consumed during the 2012 Super Bowl, according to the National Chicken Council.  The council says that If all the wings served this weekend were laid end-to-end, they would circle the circumference of the Earth twice.

Super Bowl XLVI by the Numbers  

From the ads to the tickets, the Super Bowl is a consumer spending spree. Here’s a breakdown of some of the numbers and costs associated with the biggest Sunday in football.

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