Tech-Savvy Kiddies: The Latest From CES
Kids and tech are the perfect combination at this year’s CES.


If your child is more tech savvy than you, you aren’t alone! At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, kid gadgets are more popular than ever. We’ve selected some of the best , designed for kids ages four and up.

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Desk Pets: TankBot

After you charge your Desk Pet TankBot using the USB port on any computer, you can watch as it navigates around any obstacle using IR sensors. Download the free Desk Pets app on your iPhone or iPad and you can control your TankBot remotely. A 40 minute charge will provide 15 minutes of playtime, and TankBots come in four different colors.

 Price: $24.99

Website: www.MyDeskPets.com

Marvel Comics Headphones by Coloud

Your child can listen to music or games in super-hero style with headphones featuring Marvel characters including Hulk, Iron Man, Punisher, Wolverine, and X-Men. The headphones are adjustable and feature characters in eye-catching 3-D rubber patches on each ear.

Price: $40

Website: www.Coloud.com  

Griffin: Woogie 2

Yes, it’s technically a stuffed animal, but it also serves to protect your iPhone and iPod touch from dirty little hands and accidental drops.  A protective plastic pocket on the Woogie 2 allows parents to Velcro their device in, and allows children to access the touchscreen. The fuzzy legs allow kids to prop the Woogie in their lap on or a table.

Price: $19.99

Website: www.GriffinTechnology.com

ThinkGeek: Kids Guitar & Drum Kit Electronic T-Shirts

You can always hear your kids coming if they’re wearing these musical T-shirts by ThinkGeek. The drum shirt features a drum set that plays real beats from seven different drums when touched or tapped. The shirt comes equipped with a mini amplifier with adjustable volume and replay option.

Price: $29.99

Website: www.ThinkGeek.com

Crayola® Trace & Draw™ for iPad 2

Turn your iPad 2 into a virtual coloring pad with this Crayola accessory, which includes the app downloadable from the Apple store. The Trace & Draw outfits your iPad 2 with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell that prevents against drops and spills while your child is using it. The Trace & Draw includes more than 35 options for drawing, along with animation and activities.

Price: $39.99

Website: www.GriffinTechnology.com

Tech-Savvy Kiddies: The Latest From CES

Kids and tech are the perfect combination at this year’s CES.

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