Made in America: Gifts For Men Under $50
We've hand-picked 10 gifts for dad or grandpa, all proudly made in the U.S.A.


Looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life? Look no further than America the beautiful! We found ten gifts under $50 that are sure to delight even the pickiest of fellows. Best of all, your purchases will keep American manufacturing strong this holiday season and beyond—a gift that keeps on giving!

1 Jeans Made in USA

Flannel-lined Texas Jeans  

Made to wear on the job or at a cold football game, Texas Jeans’ flannel-lined jeans are like wearing a pair of long johns and a pair of jeans at the same time, says Texas Jeans spokesperson Fred Wormer. The jeans are 100% and made completely in the U.S., from the thread to the buttons. Cost: $45.98

2 Murbles Made in USA

Murbles Game   

Owner and creator Murray Kramer was inspired to create Murbles while overseas in Italy during his time in the Navy. Reminiscent of  bocce ball, the game is great for the whole family to play while camping, tailgating, or grilling out. Customers choose the color of their Murble balls, which are 100% made in the U.S. Kramer says customers shouldn’t be afraid to play on their boats our outdoor docks—Murbles also float. Cost: $29.95

3 Sharpener Made in USA

Diafold Double Sided Sharpener  

Sharpen everything from kitchen knives to router bits with this double-sided sharpener. President Mark Brandon says the sharpener is Diafold’s most popular item because it has both a fine and a course grit. It also sharpens hunting knives and pruning shears, and fits easily in a user’s pocket as they work. Cost: $41.85

4 Day Pack Made in USA

Ultralite Parula Day Pack by Equinox  

At just 7.4 ounces, this ripstop backpack is the perfect choice for the man who likes to travel light. “The whole idea of Ultralite is that it folds up to nothing so you can fold it up and take it on trips,” says Equinox spokesperson Kerry Kaar. The pack also features two side pockets large enough for water bottles and padded shoulder straps. Cost: $39.95

5 Shave Kit Made in USA

Red Oxx Nomad Shave Kit   

Owner Jim Markel says this shave kit is the last one you’ll ever have to buy—and he guarantees it for life. “Be sure to include it in your will,” he jokes. The bag comes in 12 colors, and is big enough to carry a pair of shoes if needed. The handle on top makes it easy for travelers to hang on door handles or coat hooks in tiny hotel bathrooms. Cost: $25.00

6 Utensil Roll Made in USA

Duluth Pack Utensil Roll 

Owner of Duluth Pack, Tom Sega, says the utensil roll is most commonly used while grilling out. With seven slots for items like knives and spatulas, the true grill master will have everything they need at their fingertips. The utensil roll also comes with a long strap, which enables campers and tailgaters to tie it to a nearby tree or pole as they cook. Rolls up neatly for packing. Cost: $30 

7 Hat Made Made in USA

Bollman Hat Company: Bailey Wind River Orion hat  

This fedora-style hat is made from Bollman’s exclusive “LiteFelt” technology, which means it’s both water repellant and maintains its shape even after being jammed in a suitcase for travel. Owner Don Rongione says that the 3.25-inch brim on this hat offers superior sun protection. The hat comes in three colors, and Rongione says it’s warm enough for the winter. Cost: $50.00

8 CD Basket Made in USA

CD/DVD Storage Basket 

For the man in your life with a lot of CDs or DVDs, this Peterboro basket will hold up to 35 CDs or 28 DVDs or a combination of both. The basket is available in either a natural or a cherry finish, and is made from native North American hardwoods. “The same beautiful wood that baseball bats are made out of,” says Managing Partner Wayne Dodds. Cost: $34.00

9 Gizmovest Made in USA

Gizmovest Garmin GPS Case   

Owner Steve Molina says the best thing about a Gizmovest case is that dirt and dust won’t stick to it—and it’s indestructable. Made from three layers of soft fabric, rigid plastic and high density laminated foam, the Gizmovest has a rough finish that won’t chip when your gadget takes a tumble.  Manufactured in California, the Gizmovest is most popular in Africa, South America and Australia. Cost: $23 to $28

10 Underwear Made in USA

BedHead Pajamas Boxer Shorts  

Manufactured in Los Angeles, BedHead boxers will make any man feel like “king of the castle,” says creator Renee Claire. The boxers are made of 100% cotton and have a covered elastic waistband. What men really like is a functioning button fly. The boxers come in five different colors and patterns, but Claire says “gold regal,” is the company’s most popular pattern. Cost: $28- $20

Made in America: Gifts For Men Under $50

We've hand-picked 10 gifts for dad or grandpa, all proudly made in the U.S.A.

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