Gift Ideas for Grads
Show grads how proud you are of them with these gift ideas.

College Graduate Sitting Alone

With graduation season in full swing, we found gifts that are sure to please grads of any level.


iPad 2 With Smart Cover


The iPad 2 come comes with a hefty price tag of $499, but it’s sure to be a welcomed gift to any graduate.


Amazon Kindle 3rd Gen in Hand


Let students take their required reading on the go while saving bookshelf space with an e-reader. The Amazon Kindle retails for $139 and puts all your favorite books, magazines and newspapers right at your fingertips.


Sony Camera

Grads can capture and easily share memories with a digital camera. The Sony NEX-3 retails for $599 and offers high-speed continuous shooting at up to seven frames per second.

Hearst Communications Inc., 2010

Parker Sonnet Metal & Pearl Lacquer


As young professionals enter the real world, they are going to need a pen that makes them look professional. The pictured Parker Sonnet Metal & Pearl Lacquer retails for $215.

Buddy Cam

Computer Camera

Give grads no excuse for not staying in touch with a camera they can attach to their computer to use to Skype. The pictured Skype Cam has a suggested retail value of $19.99.

Hearst Communications Inc., 2010


Messenger Bag

No one likes to lug heavy text books or computer around, but having a fashionable tote makes the process a little easier. The Jack Spade Nylon Canvas Day Bag pictured here has an adjustable drop strap and Velcro closure slip and retails for $175.

Starbucks Drink Front of Store

Starbucks Card

Help students survive the late nights and early mornings with a Starbucks’ gift card. The coffee giant even offers an option to attach a card to an active account so it can be the gift that keeps on buzzing.


Laundry Detergent

The last thing college students want to do is run to the store to pick up laundry detergent. Save them time and money by giving them a giant bottle of laundry detergent; plus they’ll never have an excuse for going commando.  


Tool Kit

Give the gift of self reliance: With this tool kit from Bed Bath & Beyond your graduate should be able to handle all minor repairs and fixes without the hassle and expense of calling a repair person.

Man Counting Money Cash Dollars


In the end, cash is still king. No matter their age, students are always finding themselves short on cash, so help them out with a little pizza or spending money.

Gift Ideas for Grads

Show grads how proud you are of them with these gift ideas.

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