Comedian Adam Conover 'Ruins' the Election

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Comedian Adam Conover just "ruined" the election

How one comedian uses comedy to debunk common misconceptions about the 2016 presidential election.

The countdown clock has begun as the exciting and quite frankly, bizarre, presidential election cycle nears an end. In just under two weeks there will be a new resident at the White House, but the question remains: will that be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

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Both presidential candidates have faced their fair share of scandals and allegations, which has made for some great TV these past few months, and even better material for comedians.

“The great thing about the election for comedy, in addition to the characters and the individuals being funny, is that everybody is watching the same events at once,” Adam Conover, host of "Adam Ruins Everything," told

Conover’s show on truTV approaches comedy from a different angle.

“It’s kind of an education comedy show,” said Conover. “I sort of expose the truth about common misconceptions, or you know, investigate why we do certain things culturally, why we have certain traditions, and ask the question, 'is this really the best way we can be doing things?'”

With two scientists as parents, and a nuclear physicist as a sister, it’s not hard to guess where Conover’s unique approach to comedy originates.   

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“I’m the only member of my family who didn’t get a PhD. So, I’m like the failure of the family, cause all I have is a bachelor’s, like a drop out,” said Conover with a laugh.  

Conover performed stand-up for about 10 years, but it wasn’t until he combined his passion for learning with his talent of comedy, that he noticed people really started to take an interest in what he was doing.

“Not only were they laughing, but they were getting something else out of the comedy as well, you know, because they were learning something,” said Conover.

Before voters cast their ballot on November 8th, they can catch the "Adam Ruins Everything: Election Special," tonight, on truTV at 10p.m., where Conover "ruins" common topics that continually appear in the 2016 election.

“We’re talking about the way the election makes people feel. We’re talking about the large headline themes, like it’s all rigged, money and politics, or this is the nastiest election ever,” he said.

And what better subject to educate people with humor than an election cycle that, at times, itself resembles a comedy show.

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