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June’s job report came back better than most people expected, adding 287,000 jobs to the U.S. economy. And, according to the ZipRecruiter National Jobs Report, there is some more good news for those struggling to find work. Industries such as healthcare and warehouse labor are among some of the job sectors that have seen tremendous growth. FOXBusiness.com comprised a list of the cities with the highest demand for hiring, and which industries are hot right now.

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  • 1. Charlotte, North Carolina

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    Population: 827,097 (U.S. Census Bureau estimates - July 1, 2015)

    Unemployment rate: 4.5% (Bureau of Labor Statistics – May 2016)

    Median household income: $53,274 (U.S. Census Bureau - 2014)


    Charlotte has seen growth, with a steady drop in unemployment the past few months. The biggest city in the Carolinas has also surged to become the second-largest banking hub in the United States, right behind New York City. Insurance, construction/skilled trade, and trucking/transport are the top industries to check out. 

  • 2. New York City

    New York City

    Population: 8,550,405 (U.S. Census Bureau estimates - July 1, 2015)

    Unemployment rate for NY state: %4.7 (Bureau of Labor Statistics – May 2016)

    Median Household income: $52,737 (U.S. Census Bureau - 2014)

    Within New York City alone, the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest since 2007. This might be in part because of an increase in private sector jobs – a 2.2 percent growth in employment. Healthcare is skyrocketing, and this position is in high-demand in New York, followed by insurance, admin/secretarial, and construction/skilled trade.

  • 3. Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville, Florida

    Population: 868,031 (U.S. Census Bureau estimates – July 1 – 2015)

    Unemployment rate: %4.1 (Bureau of Labor Statistics – May 2016)

    Median Household income: $46,768 (U.S. Census Bureau - 2014)

    The city’s top industries are construction/skilled trade, insurance, healthcare, hospitality/restaurant, and retail.

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