How One Mom is Designing Clothes for the Disabled

By Serena Elavia Retail FOXBusiness

Providing fashionable clothing for the disabled

Runway of Dreams' founder Mindy Scheier talks to's Serena Elavia about her new clothing line for the disabled.

When Mindy Scheier’s son, Oliver, who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, told her he wanted to wear jeans to school, Scheier didn’t have the heart to tell him that his physical disability would make wearing them a challenge.

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It was at that moment she decided that children with disabilities should be able to wear whatever clothes they want and her non-profit, Runway of Dreams, was born. “Our mission at Runway of Dreams is to make sure that there’s adaptive versions of mainstream clothing for everyone,” says Scheier.

For those with physical disabilities, zipping zippers and buttoning buttons can be difficult. Pulling shirts over one’s head is a challenge as well. Scheier conducted research through focus groups and surveys to determine what challenges existing clothing pose for those with disabilities.

She then teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to modify his clothing, making them friendly for the differently abled community. For example, for those with missing limbs, modified pants and shirts include a built-in hemming system to raise the length of pants or sleeves. Or for those who have difficulty pulling clothes over their head, the back of the shirt opens up, allowing the wearer to enter the shirt arms first.

Scheier modified the closures to all be secured with magnets hiding underneath buttons and zippers. Therefore, the clothes keep their original style while providing easier closure systems.

Scheier says that because demand and interest in the product have been overwhelming, she is planning an adult line and other product styles to accommodate the differently abled community.

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As for Oliver? He can now wear jeans like all of the other kids in school.

“I’m just so happy that this will be able to change so many people’s lives and that finally people will be able to dress themselves the way they want to” says Oliver.

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