Some Things About Easter!

Some things about Easter

Crack into the numbers behind the holiday

Bonnets, bunnies and basket loads of jelly beans!

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Easter weekend is here and before you over-do-it on Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies, we dug up some pretty jaw-dropping numbers about the holiday.

According to National Retail Federation, spending is expected to reach an all-time decade high of $17.3 billion. We’ve already broken down the facts on consumer spending here. Now, let’s dial down on the important stuff.

It’s impossible to think of Easter without thinking PEEPs. So, just how many those fluffy colored marshmallows are eaten? The company, Just Born, reports roughly 1.5 billion PEEPs are consumed. And it takes about six minutes to make just one!

Even more shocking… 10 million PAAS Easter Egg Color Kits are purchased by Americans during the Easter season. But, that’s nothing compared to the number of eggs that these kits are used to decorate! And what about everyone’s favorite chocolate bunnies? You won’t believe the number of jelly beans produced. Easter’s a big business – so check out the video above for even more fun facts. Happy Easter from!

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