Behind the Wheel with Jeep’s Hacker

By Auto FOXBusiness

Hacking into moving cars

IOActive Vehicle Security Research Director Chris Valasek on how he and his colleague were able to hack into a Jeep.

Hackers may have been able to take control of a moving Jeep, but IOActive Director of Vehicle Security Research Chris Valasek told FOX Business Network’ s Stuart Varney it’s not as easy as it looks.

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“This was actually an accumulation of three years of work and we spent a whole calendar year working on the Jeep. So this isn’t something that someone does in a weekend,” he said.

Valasek said budget constraints forced them to focus on only one vehicle make and model.

“We have a limited budget so we only could get one car and we chose the Jeep and it had a certain system in it used for infotainment and communications… That’s not to say it’s a Chrysler-only problem,” he said.  

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