Best, Worst Places to Shop on Black Friday

By Julie VerHage Features FOXBusiness

The best and worst Black Friday retailers

Black Friday is the shopping event of the season, here are the best and worst places to find deals this year.

As soon as the plates are cleared and the leftovers are stored on Thanksgiving, consumers will set their sights on Black Friday and through the holiday weekend, one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

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This holiday season, not only are more consumers planning to shop on Black Friday than in years past, but they’re also expected to spend more. According to the National Retail Federation, total retail sales this holiday season will reach $616.9 billion, an increase of 4.1% from $592.7 billion in 2013.

Data from CardHub suggests the most popular gift cards to dole out this holiday season are Visa, Amazon, iTunes, AmEx, and Netflix, with Walmart, Target, Google Play, eBay, and Starbucks rounding out the top 10 list. Data from the NRF suggests holiday shoppers will spend more than $31 billion on gift cards this year and 62% of consumers are hoping to receive one, making them the most sought after type of present for the eighth straight holiday season.

However, that doesn’t mean consumers aren’t looking for good deal. Savvy shoppers will comb through websites and ads to find the best offers, so what are they likely to find? WalletHub surveyed 5,525 deals from the 2014 Black Friday ad scans of 22 of the biggest U.S. retailers. The average discount across all retailers this year is 39%, but here are the select merchants with even better offers:

  • 1. JC Penney

    JC Penney


    JCPenney has the highest overall discount rate at 65% this year. WalletHub’s survey showed the retailer will offer discounts of 63% on apparel and accessories, 50% on appliances, and 69% on the “other” category.

  • 2. Macy's



    The Thanksgiving Day parade sponsor will offer an average discount of 54% this year. Consumer electronics and jewelry will have the best deals, with a roughly 65% discount in each category.  

  • 3. Rite Aid

    Rite Aid


    The drugstore chain is offering an average discount of 53%. One product category that will see a big discount at the merchant is consumer packaged goods at 53%.

  • 4. Meijer



    The Grand Rapids, Michigan, based regional hypermarket chain will offer an average discount of 51%. Their jewelry department will average a staggering 79% discount.

  • 5. Sears



    The retailer hasn’t received much in terms of great press this year, but consumers choosing to shop here on Black Friday have the chance to score some great deals. Their best deals will be in the apparel and accessories section, with an average discount of 69%.

  • 6. Walgreens



    Shoppers looking for consumer electronics or packaged goods will find some great deals here. There will be an average discount of 30% on electronics and 51% on packaged goods.

  • 7. Office Depot and Office Max

    Office Depot and Office Max


    Furniture will be the most discount section at this retailer, with an average discount of 54%. Other deals can be found on computers, phones, and consumer electronics.

  • 8. Ace Hardware

    Ace Hardware

    Ace Hardware

    Furniture will also be the hot deal at this retailer, with an average price cut of 43%. The chain will be offering an average discount of 41% across all categories.

  • 9. Kohls



    One of the most well-known in terms of discounts throughout the year, the department store will be offering an average discount of 40% on Black Friday. The “other” category will offer the best deals at 67%, but shoppers can also find discounts of roughly 60% on apparel, accessories, and furniture.

  • 10. Staples



    Rounding out the top 10 we have supply store chain Staples, which will be offering an average discount of 39%. The “other” category is also the most discounted here with an average price cut of 65%, but furniture will also average a steep discount of 55%. 

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