Will 'Man of Steel' Rule the Box Office?

By Casey Orr Lifestyle and Budget FOXBusiness

Will 'Man of Steel' Bring IMAX Super Profits?

IMAX Entertainment President Greg Foster on the latest Superman movie.

“Man of Steel” hopes to rule the box office this weekend featuring stars like  Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, and Kevin Costner. 

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Warner Bros Superman revamp premieres Friday on 4,200 screens and is expected to make $85 million in its opening weekend.

Directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Chris Nolan, the Superman flick had a budget of $225 million and offers Time Warner a shot at rebuilding a comic book franchise. Superman will also star in the follow-up ensemble film “Justice League”, Warner Bros.’ answer to Disney’s “The Avengers”, which starred heroes from separate film franchises like "Iron Man", "Thor," "Hulk," and "Captain America".

Superman isn't producer Chris Nolan's only super hero flick. He also co-wrote and directed “The Dark Knight Rises.” The third film in the popular Batman trilogy was marred by a mass shooting at a Colorado theater last year on its opening night, which led to a 16% drop in the box office from the previous film. Now,“Man of Steel” offers Nolan a shot at vindication.

To this point, no Superman film has matched the box office earnings of the original 1978 movie, which raked in nearly $500 million in today’s dollars.