Difficult vs. Impossible: Do You Know the Difference?

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness


Last week business people of the Twitosphere were distracted by the election of a new pope, the end of SXSW and a few hopeful signs from the economy.  Here’s the latest Tweets of the Week.

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When you tweet nothing of value, I am hereby naming it "twitter litter"...try to inspire, educate, entertain or say something worthwhile. ;)

Yes, it's difficult to overcome failure. But never forget, difficult and impossible are two entirely different things.

Do you ever quickly glance at someone's follower count and instantly dismiss their value? Don't.

The difference between a fan and a raving fan is a story. Be "REMARK"able. Give people something to remember & share with others.

Know what market you’re in to be competitive. Then, be fairly priced, offer great service and come up with the hook.

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Work toward long term goals but tweak as needed to ensure success.

A neat trend that I'm noticing these days is that application developers provide a link to their @github profile instead of @LinkedIn.

To deal with criticism: don't. Rise above the approval of others.

Listen to your customer. It's tough to walk away from someone who is listening to you.

The more respect you earn the more your approval matters.

Thank you @SamuelAdamsBeer for sending Irish soda bread to@TheStreet from @LuluSweetShoppe. An example of a great#smallbusiness

Wrote some really cool phone numbers, can anyone put me in touch w/ a lit agent who can help me get em published in the phonebook

Austin should just change its name to AustinFest, the first 100% Fest-Based economy in the U.S.

#Dow keeps hitting all-time highs, and home prices rising, but many Americans do not feel any richer: http://yhoo.it/16rLfcu  (via @CNNMoney)

Boom! Retail sales are way up. Maybe this economy is stronger than we thought.

You can't make the highlight reel without first putting in the work. #WBC #TeamMana

Austin is crackling with a youthful, electric energy. Or I'm being forcibly Tasered. Either way, it's a lot of fun.

if someone doesn't signup the first time they come to your blog why annoy them every time? Just show popups once  

I often hear business leaders say "well that's what Steve Jobs did," <- advice to business leaders, you are *not* Steve Jobs

It's looking more and more like France will become the next Italy/Greece/Portugal/Spain; yet another headache for the EU to deal with.

Based on my experience at SXSW so far, I'm going to take a wild stab and say the future is digital.

A company's most successful employees are the ones that work for a leader, not a manager.

Thought social was disruptive? The number of technologies hitting the market is only increasing. Most brands ill-equipped

Not only did I not join your mailing list, but your stupid popups wrecked my mobile experience and now I won't bother at all.

Smart people deliberately struggle... there is no safety in the status quo.

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