Sending Work E-mails From the Shower? Proud Of Yourselves?

By Gene Marks Features FOXBusiness

No I’m not that proud.  And I don’t send emails from the shower either.  These and other great tweets caught my attention this week.

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Love that Google has figured out how to map oceans, while Apple is still trying figure how to get you to the corner deli.

LinkedIn just gets better and better. "Endorsements" will be huge. I'm buying stock.

The questions r not: "How do I do social media?" or "How do I do Twitter?" The question is: What does my customer need/want/desire?


Diamonds are forever. Also, the Internet and cockroaches.

Trying to have find creative idea while sitting at your desk is like trying to send e mails while you're having a shower!

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Plan your day or someone else will plan your day for you!

Do you know what you plan on accomplishing tomorrow? If you don't have a plan, you won't achieve it.

One of the best time management tools I know... Learning when to say "No".

A Committee is the most effective and reliable mechanism for making mediocre decisions ever invented.

Trying to work up a righteous, populist rage over a guy giving 30% to charity .... wait for it ... nope, I got nothing

It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending, stupid.


I know everyone's freaked out about the whole Europe situation this morning, but calm down - a soothing speech from Ahmedinejad coming up


If the entire population of China walked past you in single file, the line would take close to 100 years to pass you.

Over 80% of all Pinterest users are women. Who makes most buying decisions in a household?

Adults will spend $200m on their own Halloween costumes this yr. $100m on kid costumes. Proud of yourselves?

Everyone has training sessions these days. No one seems to have a clue as to whether the trainees have learned anything or not.

Brands must be equipped to manage customer inquiries around the clock.

Great salespeople listen 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the time.

Ask clients and prospects alike if money were no object which challenges would they like to overcome.

Pretty much the only place I want to be is home and the only thing I want to be doing is nothing.

Customer feedback is a gift. Accept graciously, unwrap enthusiastically, and share with your team frequently.

People say first impression's important. I'd say equally important is last impression. The last impression's a lasting impression!

There's no credible evidence anywhere in the universe that life was meant to be taken too seriously.