Small Business

Indian shows off new motorcycle

Polaris President of Motorcycles Steve Menneto talks to about the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse, the brand's newest weapon as it fights Harley-Davidson for the attention of riders.

U.S. Extends Overtime Pay to 4.2M Salaried Workers

The Obama administration on Tuesday unveiled the final version of a long-awaited and controversial rule to extend overtime pay to 4.2 million U.S. workers, which marks one of the administration's most significant moves to address stagnant wages.

Sheriff David Clarke on Why Stealing is Easier in California

Business owners in the Golden State are complaining that a ballot measure is hurting business. A year and a half ago, the California shoplifting law changed so that any stolen item below $950 would be charged as a misdemeanor. Law enforcement says this may be a reason for a spike in crime.