Small Business

Are Pawn Shops the New Bank?

American Jewelry and Loan Owner, and star of ‘Hardcore Pawn,’ Les Gold on why the business at pawn shops is an indicator of how the economy is doing and how they fill the short-term lending void not filled by banks.

Analysis Suggests Anthem Deal Could Raise Health Costs

As questions mount over whether health insurer Anthem Inc's proposed $48 billion purchase of Cigna Corp will win U.S. antitrust approval, an exclusive analysis produced for Reuters suggests the merger could lead to higher costs for large companies offering workplace medical benefits.

5 Ways You Didn't Know You Could Save Money at Costco

In addition to the deals put in front of its shoppers' faces, Costco also has a number of services which can save people money that are harder to find. Here's a look at five ways the warehouse club can save you money that you may not have considered.

Happy Office, Happy Life?

You know what they say about 'happy wife, happy life.' Well, as I see it, the same goes when it comes to coworkers at the office. Here's why.