3 reasons why you need a dash cam in your car

Here are the biggest reasons to buy a dashcam, plus key features to look for. (iStock)

Over the last several years, dash cams have become an increasingly popular purchase for drivers. 

These mini cameras, which are designed to be mounted to your dashboard, record your car and its surroundings, storing the data temporarily. The dashboard camera can help provide you with driving records that may help eliminate insurance fraud, assist with insurance claims, and more. 

While these features sound promising, is it worth buying a dash cam? With most dash cams running between $50 and $150, these devices provide affordable security for you and your vehicle.

Here’s a breakdown of how buying a dash cam could help you save money and protect you on the road.

1. Does car insurance go down if you have a dash cam?

Some companies offer lower rates when you share your driving data with them, but a dash cam won’t have a direct impact on your car insurance rates.  

However, a dash cam could have an indirect impact on premiums, helping you to drive safely and providing the evidence you need for claims, which could lead to lower rates.

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2. Do insurance companies offer discounts for a dash cam?

While insurance companies in some other countries offer dash cam discounts, no U.S. carriers do at this time. 

But, once again, the evidence on your dash cam could help you avoid the rate hikes that can result from an accident.

3. What should I look for when buying a dash cam?

When you purchase a dash cam, there are a few essential features you should look for:

  • Video quality: To get the clearest footage, opt for an HD cam if possible. Also, make sure that the camera will be reliable at night.
  • Loop recording: Be sure to buy a dash cam that records on a loop so you don’t have to manually delete footage to keep recording.
  • Collision sensors: Dash cams with G-force sensors detect collisions and lock in the recording of the accident so it can’t be looped over.
  • Ample storage: Consider buying a dash cam that comes with at least 32GB of storage to capture long periods of time or a smart device with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The more you’re willing to spend, the more features you’ll get. Just make sure your dash cam checks off the boxes above.

3 ways a dash cam can benefit drivers

Whether you’re involved in an accident or not, here are a few ways you can benefit from a dash cam.

1. Settling insurance claims

The number one reason for owning a dash cam is documenting an accident. Dash cam footage can serve as proof for your insurance company if you’re involved in a collision that isn’t your fault. 

Video evidence can expedite the car insurance claims process and hold the at-fault driver responsible for paying for damages. Along those lines, dash cam footage could help you maintain or lower your rates.

2. Challenging a ticket

Likewise, if you get ticketed by law enforcement for a violation you didn’t commit, dash cam footage can get you off the hook.

Not only will it save you money on the ticket, but dash cam footage could also help you avoid incurring points on your license, which can drastically affect car insurance rates.

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3. Monitoring your car

A dash cam can also help you keep an eye on your car when you aren’t behind the wheel. Whether someone breaks into your car in the driveway or sideswipes you in a tight parking lot, they’ll be caught on camera.

In either case, this footage may help you identify the culprit. At the very least, it gives you evidence for the police and your insurance company.

Next steps

While you won’t get lower rates directly when you install a dash cam, it could lead to significant savings down the line.

For a reasonably low one-time fee, you can get peace of mind knowing your car is being monitored when you’re away.

A dash cam is a smart purchase for any driver, but there are more concrete ways to save money on car insurance. To lower your premiums right now, you should use a free online platform to get quotes. To start exploring potential savings, compare auto insurance companies and shop their plans​ via Credible. Enter a few quick details, and you’ll see the best rates you’re eligible for from top providers.

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