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American Success Story: Craig Ceccanti's Pinot's Palette

- FBN's Charles Payne on this week's American success story on Craig Ceccanti franchising his 'Pinot's Palette' paint-and-Sip business in America.

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News Of The Day

  • U.S. stocks stage selloff as global jitters take hold

    U.S. stocks tanked on Friday as a confluence of intensifying Greek default fears and a new stock-market regulation from China put investors on edge.Recent gains in European equity markets and high valuations of U.S. stock indexes also made them vulnerable to a pullback, according to some analysts.

  • Why Chris Christie's Vow To Suppress Marijuana Legalization Is Politically Risky

    In an interview with talk radio host Hugh Hewitt yesterday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declared that if he were president, he would “crack down and not permit” state legalization of marijuana. Asked whether the federal government should “enforce federal marijuana laws” 54 percent of Republicans said no, as did 58 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of independents.

  • Putin: Russia’s economy can rebound stronger from Western sanctions

    In a measure of Russia’s grinding economic difficulties, President Vladimir Putin on Thursday devoted the bulk of an annual call-in program to assuring his nation that life would soon improve after a year of confrontation with the West.The highly choreographed show is a barometer of the message the Kremlin wants to deliver to the nation.

  • Saudi Arabia to Open Stock Market to Foreign Investors on June 15

    Saudi Arabia will open its $530 billion stock market to foreign investments on June 15, a keenly awaited move that will give international investors direct access to the Middle East’s biggest economy. Officials revealed plans last year to allow direct foreign investment in Saudi-listed entities in the first half of 2015, publishing draft rules in August for public consultation.

American Success Story

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