Stuart's Take

President Obama tilts, away from Israel, towards Iran. This is the dramatic shift in America’s foreign policy. It is also astonishing, and very troubling.


The evidence: President Obama's Chief of Staff went on record saying America’s 50 year policy of supporting and protecting Israel at the United Nations, would change. We will no longer defend our ally. We will no longer protect the only democracy in the mid-east. That is a tilt.


Now the other side of the coin, the tilt towards Iran. The president is bending over backwards to secure a nuclear deal with the mullahs. He's going to let 'em get a bomb, just as Iranian backed forces run through Iraq and Yemen. And threaten the Saudi oil fields. The president's intense desire for a peace-makers legacy, pushes him into the peace-at-any-price tilt to Iran.


Who would've thought that any American president would ever walk away from an ally, to embrace a mortal enemy. But that’s what's happening. The tilt is real. 

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