Stuart's Take

The Labor Day weekend is about to begin. I think it needs a new name. I will have suggestions in a moment.


First, look at the other days we get off work. July 4th. I'll celebrate America’s independence any day. Thanksgiving? Best family feast day of the year. Martin Luther king day: the celebration of a great man, who worked his magic in my lifetime. Memorial and veterans days? I come from a military family, God bless 'em. Same again, God bless 'em all.


And then there's Labor Day. If this is a celebration of the union movement, sorry, you've lost me. If it’s a celebration of all who work hard, I’m all in.


Why not 'free market' day? Or capitalism day? Doesn't have much of a ring to it, but it would be honest! What has made the biggest contribution to our prosperity? Unions or free markets? No contest!


We're trying to keep the mood light. We're being a little tongue in cheek.


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