Stuart's Take

No surprise, Obamacare is becoming even more unpopular. No surprise, a defiant President Obama is circling the wagons.


Here's my take.


In the latest NBC/Wall Street journal poll, 49% think Obamacare is a bad idea. That’s the most negative reading since the affordable care act was passed. It’s not that hard to see why this is happening. Obamacare is all about government. And government has not been looking good recently.


Let me digress for a moment, and take you back a few years to a big election in Britain. Remember please, that’s where government runs the entire health system.


Prime Minister Tony Blair is stumping for votes. He is confronted, in the street, by an elderly lady who is very upset about her cancer treatment. Why aren't you paying for this drug? Why can't I see a specialist. He couldn't get away, and it was all captured on tape. It became a signature moment in the election. My point is, that when government runs the show, health care becomes totally politicized. Who gets what depends on political clout. Desperate to get away, the Prime Minister had to agree to "look into" her case.


Obamacare will bring that here. It will put the government in the center of your health care. Politicians will decide your treatment. Do you really want that?


It is becoming increasingly clear that America doesn't want that. But don't expect this President to shift position. On all fronts, he is digging in his heels. Toughing it out on Benghazi. Stonewalling on the IRS. Supporting Eric Holder in his pursuit of the media.


It is going to be very rough. Hey, if you think it’s ugly now, just wait till Obamacare actually arrives. That’s just a few months away!

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