Stuart's Take

The conspiracy theorist, Jesse Ventura, wins in court. He's taking $1.8 million from the widow of a Navy seal.


Here's my take.


Mr. Ventura appeared twice on this program. That was more than enough. In his very loud voice, he claimed the government had brought down the twin towers on 9/11. An inside job, he said, without presenting a shred of evidence.


Chris Kyle was a decorated Navy seal who wrote a book about his exploits. In that book, he said he had a fight with Ventura in a bar. Ventura, he wrote, had bad mouthed the seals, and America, hence the fight. Ventura sued, claiming he'd never said that, and that the book had ruined his money-making opportunities. Ventura won.


I have two problems with this. First, how could a jury believe Ventura? We have him on tape, bad-mouthing America, calling it the "fascist states of America". And he'd called the seals "contract killers". He's believable? I should add, Chris Kyle only appeared at the trial in a deposition that was taped before his death. The jury believed a conspiracy theorist, and took money from a hero's widow.


Second, I have trouble seeing people like Ventura win anything. I think he would say anything for attention and money. And his statements on 9/11 are, in my opinion, detestable.


After the verdict, Ventura put out a statement. He said "there are no winners here". He may be right about that. But there was one very big loser: it’s you Mr. Ventura. You're a disgrace.

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