Stuart's Take


New York's mayor, Bill de Blasio, doesn't know what hit him. He thought he could wave a magic wand, and make Uber go away. Well, he's getting schooled on the speed and power of technology.


The mayor wants to preserve the yellow cab monopoly.... But then, suddenly, along came Uber. New York City had been doing a nice business selling the medallions that allow yellow cabs to operate, but in less than a year, the value of a medallion dropped $400,000. Cabs are taking in far less money. New York had been hit by a surge.....Uber hired thousands of drivers. Walk around the streets of New York, and you see them all over.


The mayor waved his wand. He decreed fewer Uber cars to be allowed on the road. He ran smack into the buzz saw of grass roots opposition. Uber started running ads featuring minority drivers who simply wanted to make a living and serve all areas of the city. Movie stars weighed in, supporting Uber, not the leftist mayor. Uber won.


The point is....Technology, and America, move fast. Bill de Blasio is old school..... Slow moving government bureaucracy is supposed to dominate everything. Well move over....There's a new economy just arriving, and it’s based on individuals and free markets. The left just doesn't get it.