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One of the most talkative Obamacare supporters has gone very quiet… silent in fact.


FOX News contributor David Webb caught up with professor Jonathan Gruber. A big no comment, from the man who talked so much as he was deceiving us all, and calling voters stupid. In fact, what Mr. Gruber had to say back then, has opened up a Pandora’s box. It’s still pouring out.


In the last ten days, we have learned that Obamacare was a lie from the beginning. Back then, the elites knew you couldn't keep your doctor or your plan. They knew it wouldn't cut costs. They knew it was a giant wealth distribution scheme. They knew it was socialized medicine in disguise. And they deceived you.


It is the President's own faults that have brought his signature legislation, to chaos. He deliberately deceived us with false promises. That’s arrogance. His incompetence wrecked the plan's implementation. The whole episode confirms the view that the liberal elites look down on us, and betrayed us. Ironic that Obamacare ruined Obama, and the formerly talkative Jonathan Gruber opened it all up.

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