Muni bond Tuesday update: 10-year yield rises

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A look at the AP Municipal Bond Index for Tuesday, Nov. 21:

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BIGGEST MOVER: Three-year bonds. Yield climbed 8 basis points over the last week to 1.48 percent.

TWO-YEAR: Yield increased 1 basis point to 1.37 percent. The two-year/10-year spread is 93 basis points, down from 100 basis points a week ago. The two-year/30-year spread is 145 basis points, down from 151 basis points a week ago.

10-YEAR: Yield climbed less than a basis point to 2.29 percent, compared with 2.36 percent for a 10-year Treasury. The gap between 10-year municipal bonds and Treasurys has been narrowing over the last week. It was 8 basis points on Nov. 14. The 10-year/30-year spread for municipal bonds is 52 basis points.

30-YEAR: Yield increased by 1 basis point to 2.81 percent, compared with 2.76 percent for a 30-year Treasury.


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