Where Americans lost jobs: Restaurants and retailers

By The Associated Press Markets Associated Press

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit employment restaurants and bars especially hard in September.

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The leisure and hospitality sector lost 111,000 jobs last month. That decline appears to have come from the closures of hotels and restaurants in Florida and Texas resulting from storm damage, the Labor Department said Friday in its September jobs report.

The job losses were so substantial that it caused the number of jobs across the entire U.S. economy to shrink by 33,000 last month.

Retailers also shed jobs, with auto dealers, department stores, clothiers, electronics outlets and food and beverage stores each posting losses.

Manufacturing jobs slipped in September after a burst of hiring in August. The decline came largely from fewer jobs at auto factories, chemical plants, printers and apparel makers.

Some of the job losses were offset by strong gains in transportation and warehousing, possibly a positive sign ahead of a holiday shopping season that relies increasingly on online shoppers. The education and health sector also hired. And hiring by professional and financial services companies were up as well.

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Industry (change from previous month) September 2017 August 2017 Past 12 months
Construction 8,000 19,000 184,000
Manufacturing -1,000 41,000 117,000
Retail -2,900 -7,300 -78,400
Transportation, warehousing 21,800 8,000 83,000
Information (Telecom, publishing) -9,000 -4,000 -79,000
Financial services 10,000 8,000 149,000
Professional services (Accounting, engineering, temp work) 13,000 43,000 528,000
Education and health 27,000 45,000 472,000
Hotels, restaurants, entertainment -111,000 0 189,000
Government 7,000 5,000 21,000
Source: Labor Department