For a week, Fallon retakes the lead from Colbert

Markets Associated Press

Jimmy Fallon has topped Stephen Colbert in late-night ratings for the first time since Donald Trump has been president. But the NBC comic might want to keep the champagne on ice.

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The Nielsen company said that Fallon's "Tonight" show averaged 2.66 million viewers last week. That was a whisker above the 2.62 million achieved by Colbert on the CBS "Late Show." Colbert, with his sharp anti-Trump humor, eclipsed late-night leader Fallon the week after Trump's inauguration and hasn't looked back.

But there's an asterisk involved: Colbert was in reruns for two nights last week, and CBS believes that if he did original shows on Thursday and Friday, he would have won the week.

CBS also expects that Colbert will win when people who watch on a time-delayed basis are tallied.