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Nine Potential Breakout Stocks

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Alan Brochstein identifies nine stocks with both price and fundamental momentum near their 52-week high screen I ran in August
  • Stocks from the Russell 3000 index, with market cap > $500mm
  • 3-month price return >6% (better than the market)
  • YTD price return >15% (better than the market)
  • 12 month price return > 18% (better than the market)
  • 5 year price return > 0% (S&P 500 is down 6%, so this is a great LT momentum indicator)
  • Price < 1.6X 52 week low (let’s not chase)
  • Price within 4% of 52 week high (this is what we are trying to eclipse)
  • 2012 estimated EPS growth > 14%
  • Trailing 1-Year EPS growth >15%
  • Trailing 1-year sales growth > 10%
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