European Stocks Steady Near Highs

European shares steadied near a 14-month high on Thursday, with a rally in stocks of companies like Barclays and RSA following their positive updates offsetting some weaker firms including Technicolor and Veolia.



Volatility-Weighted ETFs to Enhance a Portfolio

As the markets continue on their record trek, investors may consider alternatives to traditional cap-weighted index investments to diminish exposure to overpriced companies, such as a volatility-weighted exchange traded fund strategy. Mannik S. Dhillon, Head of Investment Solutions, Product, and Strategy with Victory Capital, told ETF Trends in a call. that investors should take on…

Three Big ETF Themes for 2017

As investors shift around their portfolios in anticipation for what’s ahead, State Street Global Advisors offers some big exchange traded fund themes to better manage risk and potentially enhance returns. ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon spoke with Mike Arone, Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at State Street Global Advisors, at the Inside ETFs conference…