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Altice to Spin Off U.S. Arm as Part of Broader Overhaul

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Altice NV intends to spin off its controlling stake in its U.S. arm as part of a broader reorganization that will split the company in two: Altice Europe, which would include its international holdings, and Altice USA Inc.

Samsung Electronics Expects Another Record Quarter

The South Korean giant's memory chips are in demand due to the spread of internet-connected devices and the tech industry's broader push into artificial intelligence.

Tech's Enormous Scale: Samsung Now Outspends Exxon and Shell Combined

The tech giant spent more money on capital expenditures last year than any other publicly traded company, investing $44 billion. It is a dramatic example of how technology and telecom firms have driven an uptick in global manufacturing investment.

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Alibaba's Return Home Would Carry a Sting

The city now appears ready to compromise on investor protection to make sure it doesn't lose in the global race to attract tech listings.

Apple Defends Its Smartphone Practices for Children After Investor Critique

Apple Inc. defended its record of providing parental controls and other protections for children who use its iPhones and other devices, after a pair of prominent investors called on the tech giant to take more steps to curb the ill effects of smartphones.

U.S. Spy Satellite Believed Lost After SpaceX Mission Fails

An expensive, highly classified U.S. spy satellite is presumed to be a total loss after it failed to reach orbit atop a Space Exploration Technologies Corp. rocket on Sunday, according to industry and government officials.

Drug Industry Isn't Giving Up on Alzheimer's

Efforts to find treatments for Alzheimer's disease suffered blows in recent days, but many companies, scientists and investors are still optimistic that they can find a way to treat the memory-robbing disease, which affects roughly 5.5 million Americans.

Facebook and Xiaomi to Launch Virtual-Reality Headset in China

Facebook and Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi are teaming up to launch a virtual-reality headset in China that would give the American tech giant a toehold in a growing market.

Huawei, Long Seen as Spy Threat, Rolled Over U.S. Road Bumps

Chinese telecom giant has gobbled up huge global market share at the expense of Western rivals. Now, as U.S. carriers prepare a $275 billion build-out of 5G networks, Washington officials are raising alarms anew that Huawei is a front for Beijing government interests.

AT&T Backs Off Deal to Sell Smartphones From China's Huawei

AT&T Inc. has walked away from a deal to sell smartphones made by Chinese electronics giant Huawei Technologies Co., according to people familiar with the matter.

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January 09, 2018 05:15 ET (10:15 GMT)