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Trump reiterated his stance that the election of Democrat Doug Jones to the Senate would mark a serious blow to the Republican agenda.

Lawmakers are working to accomplish a dizzying list of tasks before the year ends, including a tax overhaul and a new federal spending agreement.

Pakistan's law minister resigned in a deal with Islamists to end a three-week demonstration that has shaken the government.

Rep. Conyers said he would leave his committee leadership post while an ethics panel investigates allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Venezuela's Maduro named an active general to lead the state oil company, further empowering the country's military.

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The damage from the Northern California wildfires is revealing the state's complex housing crisis.

A looming U.S. sanctions trial that could implicate prominent Turkish officials is inflaming tensions between Washington and Ankara.

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November 27, 2017 02:47 ET (07:47 GMT)